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I've been drawing for my entire life.  Here are a few different panels and strips of mine. 

Click on image to see the cartoons. They are for different tastes and sensibilities.

Happy Perusing.    -Michael

"Surveillance Caricatures" ran weekly in the San Francisco Chronicle. I still keep drawing it mostly out of habit.


"Doctor Quince" ran for a while in a weekly Northern California paper as an ad for a medical marijuana dispensary.  

"Life is Short" is a spoof of that American beachwear stick-figure crap, "Life is Good." 

"Chubby Browne,"  If you are easily offended by everything, don't read it. Don't even click on the link. Do yourself a favor.

"Retro Vitriol" has been a fun thing to draw.  I find old mid-century romance comics and redraw the art and well... you'll see. 

Green Apple Chubby Sign.JPG
Life Is Short DOG [color].jpg
Surveillance caricatures LOGO.jpg
Retro Vitriol Slate.jpg
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