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I've been drawing for my entire life.  Here are a few different panels and strips of mine. 

Click on image to see the cartoons. They are for different tastes and sensibilities.

Happy Perusing.    -Michael

"Surveillance Caricatures" ran weekly in the San Francisco Chronicle. I still keep drawing it mostly out of habit.


"Doctor Quince" ran for a while in a weekly Northern California paper as an ad for a medical marijuana dispensary.  

"Life is Short" is a spoof of that American beachwear stick-figure crap, "Life is Good." 

"Chubby Browne,"  If you are easily offended by everything, don't read it. Don't even click on the link. Do yourself a favor.

"Retro Vitriol" has been a fun thing to draw.  I find old mid-century romance comics, redraw the art remove all decency. 

"SORRO, The Gloomy Bandito"  Somehow this self-published comic was sold at a few comic book shops and developed (very) small following in the Bay Area. One of the strips appeared in The Best of McSweeney's.  

Sorro's tangles with the Bad Butterfly, his 'nemesis-with-benefits,' are loosely based on actual events. Or maybe the strip inspired the actual events. It was a not a boring time either way.

Surveillance caricatures LOGO.jpg
Life Is Short DOG [color].jpg
Green Apple Chubby Sign.JPG
Retro Vitriol Slate.jpg
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